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Johanna is a Finnish actor (FIA) based in Helsinki. She graduated in June 2022 from Copenhagen International School of Performing Arts with a certified BA in Acting. 

Johanna has an extensive background of acting in theatre, film and commercials. For the past three years she has been also working as an audiobook narrator and a voice-over. 


Her approach to acting is holistic, influenced by the mindbody concept of her training - the amalgamation of different acting methods and philosophies, most dominantly Movement Psychology by Rudolf Laban and Yat Malmgren, Stanislavsky's acting techniques and C.G. Jung's research.


Johanna is a sensitive and curious actor, who indulges in ensemble work, physicality, cross-disclipinarity, exploring the tunes of presence, and the endless possibilities of character transformation. Nature, music and yoga are big resources for her as an artist.

Eye Colour:            Blue

Hair Colour:           Ginger
Height:                 162 cm

Weight:                52 kg
Playing Age:          22 - 33
Appearance:         Scandinavian

Nationality:           Finnish
Hair Length:           Long

Voice Quality:        Warm, clear

Memberships:        Suomen Näyttelijäliitto (FIA), Helsingin Freelancenäyttelijät

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